Transportation Division

Fort McKay Alcor launched its transportation division in October 2016. The first project taken up by Fort McKay Alcor pertains to the daily site transportation of three thousand workers at an oil sands site, one of the largest in the Wood Buffalo region. Fort McKay Alcor has a brand new fleet of Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2 buses to provide comfortable, safe and punctual commutes to and from the site. Alcor has also invested in the training of the staffs. The drivers are impeccably trained to ensure safety, punctuality and comfort of the passengers. The transportation division is equipped with trained staff to attend to all service deliverables agreed upon in the contract.

Fort McKay Alcor has been offering facilities management for many years and site transportation has been in a beta phase for more than a year before being rolled out to construction companies, for oil exploration projects and other types of industrial or commercial commute required by businesses of all types and sizes. Fort McKay Alcor has an extensive experience in site transportation and facilities management. With a combined experience of more than sixty five years in various project specific solutions, the company has the expertise needed to offer bespoke services based on the needs of every client and the project in context.

Despite building an efficient and state of the art transportation division, Fort McKay Alcor has adhered to its principle of offering affordable services and relevant solutions given the demands of every project, regardless of its size and scope. Fort McKay Alcor has a penchant for working with clients to understand the unique demands of a project and then offering customable services that more than satiate the needs.

With the transportation division and the revamped facilities management, Fort McKay Alcor has also created new job opportunities and new business opportunities for aspirants living in the Wood Buffalo Region. The expansion is also aimed at strengthening available infrastructure and to create new services so businesses find it easier to operate in the area with reliable vendors and facilities management expertise.

Fort McKay Alcor has made a concerted effort to do its bit for the community, has been an equal opportunity employer and is committed to viable economic growth of the region that is equitably rewarding for all deserving professionals and businesses based here. The realm of site transportation will no longer be the same with Fort McKay Alcor’s transportation division.